State of Play join the Trashed roster

We’re very pleased to announce that State of Play have joined the Trashed Management roster and will also be bringing along with them their Manager Charlie Owen.

Their current single “What It Is To Be” is out now and they’ll be playing a showcase on Fri 5th June at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Catch them first however on Sat 30th May when they’ll be joining stablemates Sonic Boom Six and Boy Jumps Ship (what is is with Trashed and 3 word bands!!!) when they play Camden Rocks.

Blending elements of alternative rock, and socially conscious hip hop, State of Play wear a healthy disrespect for genre boundaries on their collective sleeve.  Crossing seamlessly from the neo-soul swagger and urban vibes of The Roots, to the wearied tenderness of Lauryn Hill, to the thrashing drive of Rage Against the Machine and The Pixies – State of Play prove that you don’t have to play it safe to be accessible.

Given the melting pot mentality at heart of the band’s sound, it’s perhaps surprising that in the context of their tight, powerful compositions it’s the similarity rather than the diversity of their influences that shine through. The fine-tuned formula of mixing insightful lyrics and anthemic chorus hooks with infectious grooves that you can’t stop yourself nodding along to, has proven to be a success.

This is especially evident in the live arena, where the front trio of Anthony (A-Mens) Mensah, Melissa (Missy) McAnulty and Ahmar (S.V) Ferguson never fail to win the crowd over. Meanwhile, guitarist Alex (Fando) Fernandes applies his prodigious talent with unreserved glee and the rhythm section (Will Kerr on bass and Ben Spooner on drums) clearly enjoy surfing their shared wavelength. Taken together, it’s enough to convert even the most stoic, cross-armed cynics into bouncing believers well before the encore.

Delivering a message that genuinely seems to resonate with the masses, the group clearly belong to a tradition that sees music as a weapon, with their sonic cross-over credentials proving the perfect vehicle for the band’s social commentary. There’s an infectious sort of joy you usually only find in people who truly believe in their work. State of Play have it in droves. Combine that with an uncompromising fighting spirit and you have a recipe for something truly memorable.


About trashedmanagement

Trashed Management are a music management company managing bands (Sonic Boom Six, Never Means Maybe), photographers (Denis O'Regan, Marianne Harris and David Baird) and producers (James Loughrey and Matt Hyde). We also act as consultants to various labels, artists and Media frms.
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